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How Your Precious Angel Baby Leaving For College May Impact Your Insurance

It’s here.  The moment you have spent the last 18 years preparing for. You baby bird is leaving the nest. 

Is it possible to be proud and yet devastated all at the same time??

When my precious baby boy left for college it felt as if I had been stabbed in the heart, but rainbows of love shot out.  Isn’t this the same kid that caused me to call the on-call ER doctor when he shoved M&Ms up his nose like yesterday??  How can he be leaving for college???!!???

2-baby koda.jpg

But it happened. The day came. 

We packed him up.  Settled him into his dorm.

By settling I mean my bff and I (who’s son was my baby’s roommate) kicked our kids and husbands out of the room and arranged it so that every square inch of that tiny closet sized bunker was utilized to its max potential. (I may or may not have made a to-scale construction paper layout of dorm to practice its layout ahead of time. I am that mom.)

3-dorm layout.jpg

Whoa---what about renter’s insurance?? Who is going to protect him and his belongings since I am not there shielding him and his things with my bubble of mom love/power???  I wonder if I can pay someone at Radford to follow him around to kiss his boo boos and stand guard over his dorm?  Calm down. We will get to that in just a minute.  Breathe Alice, just breathe…

We said our good byes and I somehow miraculously managed to make it home without turning around and picking him back up. Longest 88 minutes EVER!! (I may or may not have measured the travel time from driveway to dorm. I told y'all.  I am that mom!)

Then…you get…the bill…


Seeing the dollar amount on the bottom of that tuition bill can be rather mind blowing.

It’s enough to make a girl get pretty dang creative on how she can save a buck or two.

(This tv junkie, cut out cable AND actually survived!!!)

You may be thinking that if your little pumpkin goes away to school and does not have a vehicle on campus that you can then drop them from your policy to save some of that money.

WAAIIITTT!! Freeze!! Stop it.  Stop it right now.  Do not do that. 


What do you mean I can't drop their insurance?

If your snuggle bunny is like mine, when he is home for the weekend or on break, despite what you may want to believe, his plans are likely not going to be to spend every free minute by your side.  I know right?? Crazy!! 

They need to be protected when they are home and driving around visiting their friends during those precious visits.  So, you probably need to keep them on your policy.  Besides, they likely technically meet the definition of a household resident, which means they have to stay on.


What about loaning or borrowing a car?

When at school, I am sure that our future leaders do nothing but eat, sleep and study.  BUUUTTT let’s say (just for blogging sake, because college kids are waaayyy too responsible to do anything other than focus on their grades) that your little love muffin decides to borrow a friend’s car while on campus and that child is under insured.

While the insurance of the car owner would be primarily responsible, you still need your policy to help balance out the cost if there is an accident, particularly if the car owner has low policy limits or is loaning their vehicle to your little jelly bean as a temporary substitute vehicle.

7-koda car.jpg

Good thing my son’s mom sells auto insurance now…yep—this accident was his.

Even if they aren’t driving, what if your tootsie bear is walking to class or riding a bike and some distracted delinquent is on the phone, updating their instagram, eating Cheetos all while enjoying their very own personal in-car dance party, was to hit your little sugar plum. 

Your auto insurance would protect them.

Invest in their future.  Isn’t that what college is all about anyway? 

Many companies count the time on your policy as continuous coverage.  By not dropping the snuggly little pandas, you may actually help them when they eventually get a policy of their own.

8-happy dance.gif

There will be all kinds of happy dancing when that happens in the Smith family home!

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What to do now

Contact your agent to see if your policy has a good student discount. 

Many carriers offer a discounted rate for students who maintain a B average (3.0) or better.  You will likely be randomly asked to provide a transcript of their grades.  Feel free to hand deliver it to your agent along with a 20-minute prepared speech on how your pookie wookie is basically the smartest kid at his or her university.

10- bev.gif

If your child protégée does not have a car on campus, but they are listed as driving to and from school/work each day, check to see if you can change their rating to be listed as an occasional driver.

A lot of carriers also offer scholarships for their policy holders.  Call your insurance provider, or check out their website, for more information.

College is stressful enough for a parent and okay maybe for your little sugar britches too. Don't add to it by skimping on your auto insurance.  Let us be here for you with a big mama bear size hug of coverage keeping you both safe and protected.

11-hugging after grad.jpg

Besides, you have more important things to worry about, like how you're going to fill all of that extra free time you have now that you have gotten used to your new child-free normal!!


Yet another thing to add to the “What to worry about” list.  Well, go ahead and write it down, just so you can get the joy of marking it off once you finish reading this and I ease your worried mind.


Renter’s insurance is actually pretty simple. 

If you currently have homeowner’s insurance, it travels with your sweetheart while they are living in a dorm.  Typically, their belongings will be covered up to 10% of the amount of coverage you have on your home. For example, if you have $100,000 of coverage on your home, they would be covered up to $10,000.  It’s like you are there sheltering him with a giant shield of protection!


Now, off campus housing is a completely different matter. If your babushaka chooses to live off campus and not in a dorm, they may NOT be covered on your homeowner’s policy.  You then would need to get a renter’s insurance policy.  This will provide coverage for their belongings as well as liability coverage if an injury was to occur in their rented home.  The best part—renter’s insurance is generally pretty affordable!  Unlike the other 239,845 bills that you will be receiving over the next four years!!!  Click here and I can give you a quote.

So now that you have one less thing to worry about, go ahead and continue stalking, I mean checking up on your little love dove.  I personally prefer the snapchat maps method of tracking my Kodabear.  I am still a little bitter that his doctor was all “NO, I WILL NOT INSERT A TRACKING DEVICE INTO YOUR SON. STOP ASKING ME!” but whatever…

17-radford pic.jpg

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