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4 Scenarios You'd Hate to Face Without Sewer and Drain Backup Coverage

Imagine it's 3:00 AM and you awaken to hear a splashing sound coming from your finished basement. You jump out of bed and rush to the stairs. From the top of the stairs, you can see laundry baskets floating. By now, the water is only a few inches deep, but it's brown and murky, and you're horrified. You put on yourfalse


Help Us Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue

During National Flag Week (June 11 - 15), we want to help our friends and neighbors show their American Spirit by proudly displaying Old Glory all over town as well as on social media.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

We recently had a storm with winds in excess of 70 mph in Virginia.  It has done quite a bit of damage.  Shingles have been blown off of roofs.  Outdoor furniture was blowing all over the place.  My grill dinged my daughter's car.  I heard houses were even landing on witches.  It was CRAZY!


Holley Insurance Moving To Rocky Mount

November 15, 2017

Get ready Rocky Mount!!!  Holley Insurance is on it's way!!!


The Best Way To Purchase Insurance. A Totally Biased View From An Independent Agent.

March 20, 2017

Today’s insurance shopper has more options than ever.  Insurance companies are spending billions of dollars in advertising to try to convince you that they are your best option for auto, home, or business insurance.


Overlooked Homeowners Insurance Rating Factors - 7 Questions To Ask Your Agent

March 06, 2017


"Why Is There A Dry Erase Board On Your Desk?" And Other Productivity Tricks And Tools

February 16, 2017

“Why do you all have dry erase boards on your desks?”

We get this around our office all the time.  People will look at a desk piled high with stacks of paper and not question it for a second, but our relatively clean desks and dry erase boards are an oddity.

The personal dry erase board is an invaluable toolfalse


What You Need To Know About Roanoke's Collision Reporting Center

October 06, 2016

Roanoke City and Roanoke County are now part of a new collision reporting initiative.  Roanoke City and County have contracted with a private company, Roanoke Accident Support Services a subsidiary of Accident Support Services International from Canada to handle a large portion of accident reporting in Roanoke Cityfalse


How To Avoid Being Ripped Off When Your Car Is Totaled

July 27, 2016

I am commonly asked by clients “How do I avoid being ripped off when my car is totaled?”  Everyone seems to be afraid that they're getting low balled by their adjuster. In most cases, we find this is not what is happening. While adjusters aren't perfect they're generally good people and they're trying the best theyfalse


New Holley Insurance Brand For Franklin County and Roanoke Virginia Locations



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